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Paying Bribe to the Police

12:21, Apr 25 2016
A vicious lie was cooked against me by a business partner about his having given me money for some transactions. He got the police to arrest me and I denied the accusation. Without any further information the police just concluded that I paid the money. They then put in in cells until I told them that in the name of peace I would pay the money. I paid money back and I thought that settled the matter until 3 months later when the police threatened to take me to court. To avoid any prolong court case I offered the police a bribe of 3000 ghana cedis to end the case.
Categories I paid a bribe

Additional Corruption Data

Where? Ministry/Agency Ghana Police Service
Process affected Arbitration
Actors involved Public Institution
Bribe Type Personal
Amount Paid (in GHC) 3000
Date on which the bribe was paid April 25 2016
Method of Payment Cash


Address Accra, Accra Metropolitan, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

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