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Witnessed a client bribing a bank official in order to withdraw illegal amount transferred to him by a whiteman

14:50, Nov 6 2017
I went to a bank (Bank of Africa) and witnessed a young guy who was trying to withdraw a huge amount of illegal money sent to him by a whiteman. Upon further persistence, the young guy offered to pay the Teller 1000 cedis if the teller helps him to withdraw the amount of which the teller agreed and served the young guy(Sakawa guy)
Categories I paid a bribe

Additional Corruption Data

Where? Ministry/Agency Other
Department Private Bank
Process affected Accounting Regulation
Actors involved Private Individual
Bribe Type witnessed someone close to me paying
Amount Paid (in GHC) 1000
Date on which the bribe was paid 6th October 2017
Method of Payment Cash


Address Tamale

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