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Corruption and embezzlement of capitation and IGF at Kpone Bawaleshie KKD JHS

10:45, Jan 14 2018
The headmistress of Kpone Bawaleshie KKDA JHS has for the past four years since she took over as head, been engaging in acts of corruption which if not checked will put the future of basic education in the Kpone Bawaleshie community in jeopardy.

To begin with the headmistress does not account for Friday worship offerings. In addition, no single occasion has the headmistress accounted for the capitation grants that the government gives to the school. This is contrary to the financial administration act, 2003(act 654).

Also, the headmistress levies the canteen women and collects a toll of one cedi from them every day. No accountability is ever made from these monies. Ironically these women sell under the mercy of the weather and moreover pupils do not have tables and benches on which to eat during the break time. They put their food on the floor and are at risk of contracting otherwise preventable diseases such as cholera. Teachers have contributed a part of the extra classes’ money to try and remedy this problem.

One of the teachers who doubles as a carpenter and working for free, single handedly provided about five tables to teachers because tables for teachers to sit on and mark as well as plan their lessons was inadequate. What is surprising about all this is that the headmistress whose duty it is as a leader to rally resources for carrying out projects such as these is not bothered. She will not use a single penny from capitation or internally generated funds to help address these challenges.

Worse of all, items listed as purchased in the SPIP are mostly not bought. By sidelining the deputy she deliberately prevents access to information about how funds are used.

By this report, the headmistress of Kpone Bawaleshie KKD JHS needs to be investigated and compelled to prepare for a statement of account for Kpone Bawaleshie KKD JHS and make this statement public so that all stakeholders will know how much revenue comes into the schools coffers, what the monies are used for and the balance so that accountability, transparency and integrity shall be the guiding principles of all public office holders trickling down from the top to the lowest level.

Additional Corruption Data

Where? Ministry/Agency Ministry of Education
Department Kpone Bawaleshie KKD JHS
Process affected Accounting


Address Accra Ghana

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