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I was forced to pay a bribe to Kpone-Katamanso District. A Group in a pick-up

11:32, Oct 20 2017
I was forced to pay a bribe to Kpone-Katamanso District. A group of guys came to site and took the tools of the mason and his labours, the Mason then contacted me about the situation, since i wasnt on site but at work. I spoke to one of them who made me understand that they are in a group so I should pay 400 cedis before they will release the tools to the workers. Locked up I thought because the workers have concrete mixed down. I had no option than to send a mobile money to the guy from KKD in other not to loose more money of having the concrete wasted. Prior to this i had submitted my forms which I paid for 50.00 from them. Its sad we need to be educated as Ghanaians. You really need us to provide documents to be allowed to build so why don't you make the office close to the users. Its still, Ghana my Happy home.
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Additional Corruption Data

Where? Ministry/Agency Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
Process affected Advice
Actors involved Unknown
Bribe Type Personal
Amount Paid (in GHC) 200.00
Date on which the bribe was paid 20/10/2017
Method of Payment Cash


Address Tema / West

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