I Paid a Bribe is GII’s online reporting platform that allows every person who comes across corruption in their daily lives to share their experience without fear of reprisal. In only a few simple steps, you can report on the nature, number, type, location, frequency and value of actual corruption acts on this website. Your reports will, perhaps for the first time, provide a snapshot of bribes paid, demanded or refused that are occurring across your community and the country as a whole. We do not use the information to assign individual blame but rather to advocate for improved governance systems and procedures as well as tighter law enforcement thereby reducing the scope of corruption in obtaining services from government and the private sector. ‘Support for the maintenance and promotion of the iPaidaBribe platform is provided through the USAID ‘Accountable Democratic Institutions and Systems Strengthening (ADISS) Project’.

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Monthly dues
Kwabenya, Ga East, Greater Accra Region, Ghana 3 Jun, 2016 Comments - 0 Photo - 0
A police stopped the taxi I was in at a checkpoint and simply told the driver to pay it fast. The driver wanted to know...
Bribe given to Police
Sefwi Wiawso 19 May, 2016 Comments - 0 Photo - 0
I was in a bus from Sefwi Wiawso to Kumasi. A little after leaving Wiawso, we were stopped at a Police check point between...
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Official & mainstream news

New whistleblower protection law in France not yet fit for purpose
Michel Sapin, the French Minister of Finance, promised to deliver a comprehensive anti-corruption law that included protection for those courageous enough to speak out against corruption and malpractice. The minister set the bar high when he said that the law should “cover all possible situations… and here, I obviously think of situations like the one […]
20 Jun, 2016
Three reasons why attacking Egypt’s top auditor is bad news
Putting Egypt’s top auditor on trial sends a clear message: the Egyptian government is waging a war. Not against corruption but against those who fight against it. When President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi came to power in 2013, he made fighting corruption a top priority; “There should be full trust in the monitoring bodies and their […]
10 Jun, 2016
The $6.5 million apartment on Starovolynskaya Street
How is it possible for the extended family of Russian politicians and civil servants to get a $6.5 million apartment situated in the Moscow equivalent of millionaires’ row? That was the question that came to mind when we started investigating 15 Starovolynskaya Street and the Rogozin family. Dmitry Rogozin is Deputy Prime Minister and in charge of the Ministry […]
31 May, 2016
FIFA: another own goal?
On 13 May at the first FIFA Congress since he was elected president of football’s world governing body, Gianni Infantino claimed FIFA was over its corruption crisis. He also announced the appointment of someone outside football as the new general secretary, Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura from Senegal, a former businesswoman who has worked in various senior posts […]
20 May, 2016
Caution and optimism in Zambia as forest scheme scales up
The bark of the mukula tree has medicinal properties, the outer wood is prized for furniture and flooring, and the dense core is valuable to Chinese rifle manufacturers. With hundreds or thousands of dollars packed into each plant, mukula forests represent a gold mine for Zambia. But an entrenched web of corruption ensures only powerful […]
20 May, 2016
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