I Paid a Bribe is GII’s online reporting platform that allows every person who comes across corruption in their daily lives to share their experience without fear of reprisal. In only a few simple steps, you can report on the nature, number, type, location, frequency and value of actual corruption acts on this website. Your reports will, perhaps for the first time, provide a snapshot of bribes paid, demanded or refused that are occurring across your community and the country as a whole. We do not use the information to assign individual blame but rather to advocate for improved governance systems and procedures as well as tighter law enforcement thereby reducing the scope of corruption in obtaining services from government and the private sector. ‘Support for the maintenance and promotion of the iPaidaBribe platform is provided through the USAID ‘Accountable Democratic Institutions and Systems Strengthening (ADISS) Project’.

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The police in Ghana and bribes
Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana 8 Aug, 2016 Comments - 0 Photo - 0
Almost all police personnel on the roads of Ghana are there for no checks but rather go on the streets to fill their pockets....
Service allowance for rotation nurses
Ministries, Accra, Accra Metropolitan, Greater Accra Region, Ghana 7 Aug, 2016 Comments - 0 Photo - 0
Most rotation nurses have had to pay from 50 to 100 Ghana cedis in order to receive their allowance after working for about...
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Official & mainstream news

Let’s pick up the slow pace of change in Panama
The recent moves by the Panamanian government to clean up its image in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal may eventually lead to a more transparency and accountable financial sector.   But only if the pressure is kept on the Panamanian government. The Panama Papers showed how one Panamanian law firm was able to set […]
26 Aug, 2016
Keeping the Olympic flame alive
At midnight on 4 August I looked out of my hotel room and saw a crowd of jubilant people ushering the Olympic flame down Ipanema beach. There was a party mood, no protests, just joy that the Olympics really had come to Rio. That is what the Olympics should bring: joy. And for the following […]
22 Aug, 2016
Ireland’s horror week in sport: perpetrators and victims of the unOlympic Games
If you think FIFA is a mess, then take a look at the Olympic Council of Ireland and the International Boxing Association (AIBA). Just today the Brazilian police arrested Patrick Hickey, head of the Irish and European Olympic committees over illegal Olympic ticket sales. AIBA is in the firing line for allegations over bought judges […]
17 Aug, 2016
Playing with numbers won’t cure Egypt’s corruption
“There is corruption in local government,” admitted President Abdel Fattah el Sisi at a presidential youth forum in Cairo in early August. “But, what can we do?” he laughed. “Sack and jail Hisham Geneina” was one sarcastic suggestion on Twitter. Geneina was the head of Egypt’s top auditing body until earlier this year when he […]
9 Aug, 2016
What to think when Russia walks into the Olympic stadium
For a Russian, waiting for the Olympics to begin is not easy. There are many conflicting emotions and questions. Is it right to ban some but not all athletes? Do we blame our Ministry of Sport for devising a doping programme and cover-up, the International Olympic Committee or the World Anti-Doping Agency? Is it only […]
5 Aug, 2016
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